"Dean helped prepare me for the industry in every aspect and through every step of the way: from finding an agent to auditioning to being on set. I learned the fundamentals of scene work (making strong choices, analyzing and breaking down characters, etc.) and how to practice them on a regular basis.  I have benefited from his insight and advice. I believe that training is essential and there is so much to learn -  Dean produces great actors!"

                                             -NINA DOBREV

                                                   (The Vampire Diaries)

"As an actor, Dean is so enriching to work with. He is generous with his knowledge and has a great ability to find the right nuances and techniques for each audition.


                                   -JACQUELINE MCINNES WOOD                                       (The Bold and the Beautiful)

"After my very first session with Dean, I understood immediately that he is a very special and incredibly gifted teacher.  Dean helped me understand exactly what I needed to do in order to bring these words to life, to accurately portray the character and tell an interesting story. I highly recommend Dean to any actor, whether classically trained or just starting out in the industry.


                                                   -CRISTINA ROSATO                                                            (The Art of More)

"Dean is one of the most important acting instructors working in North America today. His unique and transformative technique has catapulted strong actors and singers into leading players in Film + Television. Two of my young and inexperienced clients booked series leads as a direct result of working privately with Dean during the audition, callback and screen-testing process. Whenever a client has an important audition, I send them to him as he has the hightest ratio of coachings to bookings. "  


                                               -RACHEL NEVILLE FOX

                                      (agent - Noble Caplan Abrams)

"Dean's ability to quickly diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of every actor and creatively, tactfully adjust their performance while taking advantage of their unique charms, speaks volumes to the calibre of coach Dean is. Above all else though, Dean is a fellow actor who loves the work and the craft and gives selflessly of himself to help aspiring young actors."

                                                          -RAY ABLACK                                                  (Degrassi : The Next Generation)

"After just a few months working with Dean, I landed not only one but two series regular roles and a lead in a feature. AAS has given me many things: guidance, inspiration, concrete techniques and, above all, a new found confidence in my own abilities. Dean is one of the most passionate and inspiring teachers I have ever encountered. It was his dedication and belief in me that has made me the actor that I am today."

                                                   -MISHAEL MORGAN                                                    (The Young & the Restless)

"After my first coaching session with Dean, not only did I book the job (Series Regular, The Best Years), but I immediately felt he had opened my eyes to a whole new way of approaching an audition. Dean gave me the tools to take risks and trust my instincts in the audition room."

                                                   -ATHENA KARKANIS                                                               (The Lottery)

"Working with Dean has brought my acting to a whole new level! He encourages me to read betweenthe lines on the page and to create unique, multi-faceted characters that are interesting to watch and fun to play. Ever since I started working with Dean, my career has shifted in a very positive direction. He has deeply influenced my approach to acting and I am grateful for his constant support and for everything he continues to teach me."


                                                   -BRITTANY ALLEN                                                              (All My Children)

                                                   Daytime Emmy Winner

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